Plant Shortage & Rising Maintenance Costs Help Fuel Faux Greenwall Movement

Consider Artificial When Your Project Has One of These Elements...

In the aftermath of COVID, consumers are seeing shortages in everything from rental cars to nursery plants - this scarcity is also pushing people to research alternatives.  In these instances, VistaFolia is the perfect, green element to add. Vistafolia offers instant impact with as little as 9 sq. ft. of product.

Green walls are playing an essential part in today's design projects. Many projects include at least one space that is earmarked for a green wall or some form of biophilic design, but often because of the costly ongoing maintenance or initial installation costs, Green Walls are the first design elements to get cut.

A green wall that provides quick installation without the need for plumbing or maintenance onto literally any surface at a fraction of the cost of most green wall projects.

1. Multi-Use Projects

VistaFolia has a short installation window, needs zero irrigation or special lighting but provides the same greening effect and wonderful biophilic benefits to interior and exterior landscape. Starting at 7 sq. ft. 

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2. Hospitality 

VistaFolia is the maintenance-free go-to for hospitality & luxury, high-end, multi-resident projects. Both new construction and renovated, repurposed buildings are seeing the value & beauty of VistaGreen.

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3. Office Space

VistaFolia is the perfect solution as a living green wall wouldn't thrive in these interior lighting conditions.

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4. Multi-Family

  • Fire Rated and UltraViolet Technology
  • Five Year US Warranty
  • Installation Experts in US, Canada, Mexico                             
  • Minimal Upkeep Needed
  • Recyclable
  • Patent-Pending Horticulture Design

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5. Healthcare

Healthcare facilities looking for the benefits of biophilic design without having to worry about maintenance costs or insects, water, allergies or other items that come along with greenery for indoors and outdoors. 

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6. Retail

Faux green walls are a great solution when electrical wiring residing in the project wall is prohibitive to plumbing installation and other necessary aspects of live walls without extreme effort and cost.

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7. Services

Summerhouse tan, yoga & fitness studios are turning to Vistafoli for bespoke no-maintenance Vistafoli. The only Patent-Pending, Maintenance-Free, Ultra-Realistic, No-Fade, and Fire-Rated artificial plant wall foliage.

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8. Residential

Homeowners are turning to artificial green walls indoors and outdoors for maintenance-free privacy screening & biophilic design.

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9. Restaurants

Homeowners are turning to artificial green walls indoors and outdoors for maintenance-free privacy screening & biophilic design.

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