Artificial Green Walls in Compact Areas With Faux Plant Wall Panels

Artificial Green Walls in Compact Areas

Creating a big impact in a small space can seem to be an impossible challenge. With limited floor space a traditional garden can seem bulky and take up an enormous amount of space, not to mention the expenses that go along with them, and overflowing closets with soil and garden tools. A great work life balance seems to be on most people’s minds today which is hard to achieve if every time you come home from a longs day at work you are stuck tending to a small space and an ever growing garden. green-wall-narrow-space

Livening in an urban environment can have lasting effects on one’s well-being, and we all know the undeniable benefits of having greenery around can make a tremendous impact on lowering stress levels and invoking a calming sensation. One of the simplest ways to upgrade our small space is with a with a natural aesthetic and a bit of Greenery.




All Small Space is NOT Created Equal- How to Choose Your Artificial Plant Wall Panels

The right option for your compact space will depend on many different things, from the base material, whether it be brick or concrete, to the resources that you have available for cleaning and maintenance. For example, if your compact space does not have a lot of natural light or floor space for large pots then you might find it difficult to keep real plants alive. One of the biggest problems our clients face is not only what to do to make their small outdoor space sophisticated and fun but what to do with a boring fence view. High quality VistaFolia by VistaGreen artificial vertical garden plants today are so realistic that it is almost impossible to tell the difference between this foliage and the real thing so, when it comes to choosing between real and artificial plants, the visual appearance isn’t compromised either way and you will have a green garden getaway in your urban home you can relax in year round.

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The Benefits of Fake Green Wall Panels for Your Small Space

VistaFolia Virtical Garden Green Wall Design on Staircase (4)One of the major benefits of artificial plants is that they do not take much maintenance, and no overgrowing taking up even more space in your compact area They will need a quick wipe down once and a while and no expensive irrigation system, soil changing, pruning or trimming. You can also place VistaFolia by VistaGreen artificial plants and fake plant panels anywhere, as already mentioned. So, base design or material you are working with it can be made green without the need to consider realities such as sunlight or how much room you have for floor pots. You will also get a mood boost from artificial plants as they can achieve a since of leisure simply from the way they look.

With artificial plants for your compact space, there is no question to transform your space into an enriching garden of green, as it is obvious there are several benefits to making the space greener. From enhancing the day-to-day experience of your compact space to improving the view, and your quality of life. Faux Plant Walls are the perfect addition to your small or large space.


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