Xeriscape, Zeroscape & Green Walls? Water-Free Greening is Possible.

Low Maintenance with Artificial Greenery

Artificial green walls may be the solution to water-free gardening. Also known as "living walls," these synthetic gardens offer a greener alternative for both indoor and outdoor spaces, using less resources than traditional landscaping methods - something we could all appreciate in this time of drought!

Artificial plants are a very popular choice for people who want to create the appearance of life in their home without having to worry about watering schedules and other maintenance. Artificial flowers come with all sorts of benefits, too!

-Artificial plants can be used anywhere you need them - even outdoors if they're made from UV resistant materials.
-And because artificial plant's don't require any water or sunlight, your new green friend will never die on you!




Artificial plants are a great option for those that have difficulty maintaining living plant life. Unlike live greenery, artificial plants can stay in the same place and won't die with neglect! You only need to clean them every once in awhile if dust builds up on their leaves or you want to move it from your bedroom when you're not sleeping there anymore.

Artificial plants are very different from real ones. You have a low quality product, but you may need to move them every once in awhile so they don’t fade too much. Otherwise it is really only necessary to wipe the leaves down occasionally if they start gathering dust and stop being as colorful or shiny as before.


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