Spring Pink - Customize Your Green Wall With Floral Species

Spring pink is a fabulous new color box from VistaFolia - This box can be used to customize or enhance a faux green wall for your style, to meet the changing season or stand alone as a planter box bouquet to provide year round, maintenance free beauty.

VistaFolia by VistaGreen is a truly one of a kind, state of the art replica green wall system featuring the inclusion of green wall panel color boxes. These color boxes allow customers to personalize their green wall for their taste or the season. Each artificial plant is meticulously designed from stem to tip and coordinated in a beautiful bouquet box that can be added to any VistaFolia artificial living wall or used as a stand-alone plant product in planter boxes for year-round fabulous color. 

VistaFolia is becoming an increasingly popular choice for year-round, maintenance-free color in planter boxes for both indoors and outdoors.

The artificial foliage species are personally designed by the VistaFolia research and development team in London England and brough to life through state of the art manufacutrin to strict ISO9001 standards. If it has to last it has to be VistaFolia.





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