5 Benefits of VistaFolia Green Wall Systems

If you’re looking for a greener aesthetic inside and outside of your home, then VistaFolia green wall systems have a lot to offer. Thanks to advances in engineering and manaufacturing, it is often difficult to distinguish between a faux plant and the real thing today. As a result with VistaFolia outdoor living walls, there is no reason to compromise when it comes to appearance and feel. VistaFolia provides many more options where greenery and plants are concerned. If you’re looking to bring the advantages of plants to your surroundings, then there are five key benefits to the replica option.

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1. A more cost effective approach to living wall systems

Living, water guzzling plants inevitably come with a larger cost attached. Some may be cheaper to buy up front but will require ongoing maintenance too  that always comes with an ever growing price tag. Natural plants die and need to be replaced periodically and may require increasingly bigger vessels as they grow. Plus, a living plant may arrive small and take years to reach its full height potential you originally envisioned. VistaFolia green wall systems arrive fully mature with only the up front cost to pay.

2. Free yourself of regular green wall maintenance

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As well as the ongoing maintenance that living plants require – pruning, watering, fertilizing etc – the plant may also need to be moved to ensure adequate light, water, or drainage. Climate differences such as  temperature could be problematic, and you may periodically need a specialist to come in and provide guidance. Artificial plants and plant walls are very different and long lasting. If you have a low quality product, then you may have to move them occasionally to give a rest from constant sunlight, but other than that, it’s really only necessary to wipe the leaves down occasionally or give them a quick rinse with a hose if they start to gather dust.

3. Get exactly what you want out of a green wall system

If you don’t have the right environment or space for the plants that you’re looking for, then you may find your options severely restricted with real greenery. Tropical blooms, for example, may need sunlight or a humid atmosphere that you just can’t provide without modifications to the environment. This isn’t the case with artificial green wall systems– you can create exactly the aesthetic you want with no limitations. Plus, the range of artificial plants is so broad today that you’ll have a huge amount of choice when it comes to your options.


4. Enjoy wellbeing benefits of biophilic design in your green wall system

Real plants do often provide filtration when it comes to the air that we breathe, and artificial plants won’t do that. However, research has found that artificial plants work amazingly well in terms of wellbeing. Benefits include:  improving mood and morale, as well as productivity and focus, artificial plants work amazingly well, even pictures of plants are effective.

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